Sad Story

Last week Yeyen broke the zipper of her school bag, leaving it to be unzip-able at all. So it has been two days she went to school with a wide open bag. Luckily it was a small bag so you couldn’t really see the impairment.

This morning, after sending Yeyen into her classroom, I proceeded to send Reza into his. Then on my way back to the car, I stopped for a while to peek Yeyen through the window.


She was struggling to hang her bag at the back of her chair, while trying to push the hole together. Of course the opening became wider once hung, and you can see her books and other stuffs inside her bag!

Sorry nak.. But know that successful person will still go to school and learn despite of the inconvenience they have to face.

And know that there are people in the other side of the world who use bag like that simply because they couldn’t afford good functioning bag. While at least, all we need is, your bapak will not be too busy anytime soon so we can go out and buy one for you.

So, for now, be strong and keep learning.


P/S : I love you, Yeyen.


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