Managing Yeyen

What a title. But yes, I’m her Manager, with a lifetime contract, dealed and sealed the moment I knew I was pregnant with her.

Updates on her development.

I think the last time I recorded her’s was 2 years ago. Regardless when it was, she has grown so much that baby-ing her is no longer seems appropriate, but alas I still did it.

Yeyen has gone diaper free (daytime) when she was 3.6 year old. Pretty late for girl’s standard milestone but it is always better late than never. Plus that it was me who’s always making excuses to potty train her anyway.

I still put her in diaper at night (even today) as sometimes she’s unable to control her pee and wet the bed.😧😧

She used wake up in the middle of the night if she wanted to use the toilet but stopped doing so few months ago. I have no idea why. Yet I’m still too lazy to tackle this issue. Puhleaseeee don’t judge me.

She can feed herself with no fuss or problem but like her brother, she hates veges of all kind. I don’t know what’s wrong with my kids but they both are very picky eater or let’s say they are those kids who have limited preferance in food. And I believe that’s different from being picky. Yeyen herself can eat rice without lauk and that’s not picky.

But one thing I like about my girl is she only drink milk, Milo, water, water and water.

I occasionally let her eats junk food and CHOCOLATE is her favorite!Lucky that I hate junk food including eh, especially chocolate so she didn’t get to see it often inside the house.

She’s able to bath by her own, pick her clothes and put it on. Recently, she only wears what she wants to wear.


Sigh again.

About her speech. This year, since she started schooling already, I noticed that she has picked up many new vocabs. She’s still behind her peers in term of talking but definitely better than Reza.

I stopped myself from panicking about her condition as although she babbles instead of speaking, because she knows things. Thus I decided to settle with a conclusion that she’s indeed one of those late talkers and I shouldn’t over-diagnose her.



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