Capitalizing Tragedy Part II

This time I will talk about Malala Yousafzai.

The youngest Nobel Prize laureate, because she was shot in the head by Taliban, while outspoken about urging other girls to attend school.

In my personal view, the truest hero off all are the girls who stay back in Pakistan and resuming schooling despite of this. Despite of still having Taliban ruling their residency.

I don’t resent Malala but I do believe that she’s delivering her father’s vision (even I Am Malala was heavily edited by him) instead of her original one. The ideas, visions and some even said her earliest journals for BBC Urdu have been composed by his school principal, poet father.

And the fact they fled to Britain, that is for me, nothing but Capitalizing Tragedy. What about the other girls whose couldn’t afford to maybe even move to safer town?

But then, I don’t blame Malala, not even her father. Maybe this world just in need of – Hope. And Malala is hope.

Okay lah, enough with the musing.

Reza will sit his school placement exam next month! So, I have been tutoring him for two hours each day.

He has some potential but lacks of motivation, focus, ambition to name a few. This boy is hard work.

Let’s just hope I have the patience to be consistent.


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