Religion : What I Truly Believe

I had a weird dream few nights ago, which prompted me to write about this particular subject today.


What I dreamt about is, a man told me that smart people should have learnt about all religions existed in this world before deciding which religion to embrace.

I agreed (in my dream), thinking that smart people tend to question, while the rest complies to whatever they were raised with.

I woke up just afterwards.


Here’s the thing, I was born Muslim but like the most populations in Ranau, I was pretty much exposed to another religion and its ritual from my very young age.

In fact, when my parents got divorced when I was 9, my siblings and I were taken care by our devoted, Church goer grandparents. Yet, we still received Islamic lessons every available weekends whilst having the wall in our living room decorated with Jesus’s photos.

Honestly, as I grew up, this inter religion relationship in our family has caused some sort of identity crisis in me. Especially when I moved to a new school in KK at 16 year old.

It was so strange that I could befriended with both Muslim and non-Muslim easily. I was quite comfortable with people from any walk of life!

However the downside was, because of my open-ness about this thing, I was often shunned by certain group of students. Yes, certains Muslim students like to call Christian devoters as kafir – those who will never set foot in heaven, which I thought was absurd and stupid.

And I always tend to judge people with that kind of thinking.


Back to the point. So. What do I believe nowadays?

WARNING : Content might be sensitive to the readers.

I do believe that religion is indeed a structural belief. Everything is made up, structured perfectly for you and all you need to do is to follow or devote. Thus the followers or devoter, right?

But do I believe in God? Yes, I do. God exists and I’m pretty sure He is watching me now.

Am I still a Muslim? Yes, I’m a Muslim who also appreciate the value and lesson found in other religions.

We all will go to heaven and that will be define by none other than us.



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