My 4 Year Old Is A Very Fast Learner

Yes she amazed me to the point where I showed her an advanced math formula. She looked at it, snubbed and said ‘what the hell?! I wanna watch YouTube!’

Just kidding, I never showed her any math formula. But she did always say ‘what the hell?!’ thus always received a good pinch on her ear too.

In the span of 3 months attending school, I only spoke to her laoshi once. Well, I was told that Yeyen is every teacher’s dream pupil. So frequent meeting or update is not necessary.

She can do activity like this by herself, unprompted.

Whilst despises activities that require repetition.

And I just found out that she first saw that drawing from YouTube before drawing it out herself!

But then, raising a child like Yeyen is quite challenging. She absorbed everything effortlessly. She already memorized the sound of many difficult Chinese characters and that comes with ability to memorize bad words too.

One cannot get loose when talking in front of her.

She knows how to make fun of Reza and that speeds up their arguements in no time.

However though, she’s also a quite a late talker. She still babbles herself out. Which only 50% of her speech is comprehensible. And at school, she’s reported to have poor social skills. She doesn’t talk, and only responded to the question/instruction given.

Nevertheless, I’m still very proud of her and will write about her home tuition in my next entry.



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