My 6 Year Old Can’t Read Last Part

He did this almost 65% by himself.

Before that oh my god, why this wordpress apps is so f*cking hard to use?! I’m not sure about using computer but I’m a housewife, I don’t even have time to properly comb my hair. Switching on my laptop is already an additional chores.

So, back to Reza, I read to him last night, emphasizing that we read by looking at the letters and combined their phonic sounds. We read 2 books (with very simple content) and proceeded with the Easy Read book.

As I flipped the page of the book (level 1), he protested and walked only to come back with a level 2 book 🙄

We read halfway until his bapak switched on the tv and settled on Flint Lockwood’s movie (the animation picture about foods falling down from the sky).

There you go. Bye-bye reading lesson. Just like that, his attention shattered. Welcome to my life.


I hope that someday, I’ll find the true meaning of life and the purpose of my existence.

I longed to live in a beautiful place all by myself but I’m scared of cacing and other slimy or legless creatures. I wanted to write important things but there are so many setbacks.

But also freedom is loneliness. At this stage of life, it’s kind of lonely when you have freedom. Because in the end of day, you’ll find that all you got is yourselves. Everyone else has family/career/bills to tend to.

I’m sorry for the rambling. It feels abit mundane today.



9 thoughts on “My 6 Year Old Can’t Read Last Part

    1. Bagus juga bah jadi fulltime sahm ni tapi tapi tulah in the end of the day, no ones yg mau recognize hardwork kita, teda annual bonus, teda naik gaji/pangkat etc etc bukan mcm others yg ada career. Why we go to uni, sbb mau kerja bagus. Sekali last2 jaga anak saja d rumah. Bila kita mau tukar balik tu mentaliti bukan senang. Itu yg bikin emotional rollercoster lg 😢😢


      1. that y alis.. my mum always say sama sa.. besar sda c luke , boleh cari kerja sda dia blg..but bukan senang bah ni mau cari plus skg ni naik umur da ni..susa sda mau cari employer. i rather kerja from home lagi. i dont want to go back to that stressful pny kerja


  1. yayy! ure teaching Reza ‘blending’ & ‘segmenting’ heheh i oso want freedom but then tu la, rasa lonely pla bla tlmpau free.


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