My 6 Year Old Can’t Read Part 2

Before the school holiday, I went to a local bookstore to buy tuition aids for the children. I bought few manila cards for their art activities (I initially wanted to make an achievement chart but changed my mind at the last minute).

I also selected few activity books but dropped it all once I came across with these.

And this

There are few more but I bought two just for the beginning. Dear mom, whenever you’re considering buying academic books for your kids, look for something that has KBAT and KSSR things on it.

So at least you got some ideas what your kids are learning in the school.

Back to my Reza boy, I started giving him home tuition right after we came back from the store.

As gave him the works, I already set in my head that this is a learning session, not a test. Therefore, I have to sit together with him just in case he required a prompt.

I first told him that he needed to finish 2 pages, and I don’t care how long it would take. 20 minutes or 2 hours, it’s all up to him.

And you know what, this kind of method works on him! I can see him learning at least a thing or two from this method.

I did this everyday, still pages based (1 or 2) each session, depending on the difficulty level.

And now, all we need is CONSISTENCY. I’m not expecting to see Reza already be able to read by next week or what. I just hope that he get to understand what it is all about.



7 thoughts on “My 6 Year Old Can’t Read Part 2

      1. D kk ka tu? Klu yg sy sllu dgr la kan dorg placement sekolah yg dekat sma current alamat. Tapi senang jak tu. Tahun depan dlm bulan 3 actually ble cek sdh hazel pnya placement tu. Sempat lagi kalau mau tukar.


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