My 6 Year Old Can’t Read

Well, to begin with, I’m quite unsure whether to worry or not.

Some says it’s normal…just give him his time…he’ll read when he’s ready. Some says…how come?…he’ll be in trouble next year…that’s why you (Reza) play all the time.

Nevertheless, all the given comments when stirred up together in my brain, it helped to shove my ass off the seat. I became determine to figure out a solution to this problem.

Yes, after more than 2 years of schooling, Reza still can’t read. He recognized few alphabets (he’s okay with numbers) and their phonic sounds but he can’t put them together and read.

But strangely, he’s able to complete easy pictures-words matching activities. Which is mean that there’s still light at the end of the tunnel.

So, as a dutiful mother, I first ‘forced’ him to memorize the alphabets which failed gloriously. It always ended with me shouting and slapping (limbs) my son. And him not learning a thing from the sessions.

Then I bought this.

With a hope that it could help to make the lesson more interesting. Still it failed. He’s more interested in ‘completing the puzzle’ than learning to read the words.

I gave up for few weeks.

I just couldn’t care anymore. It’s tiring. Really. Until one day I came across with my old Dayre post. It was about the remarks given by Reza’s then theraphist, Ms. Prudence.

It said about how Reza is a curious boy who would abide other’s expectations just to feed his curiousity. And that includes my expectation of him learning how to read like his other peers.

It was definitely a game changer. So I bought him books and books and books and this one.

It turned out that Reza likes to be read and repeated the words after me. We can do it again and again without him conplaining. However, in the end of the day he still learn nothing. I asked him what we were reading afterwards and he can’t answer me.

It was the moment where I realized how stupid I was. My boy speaks English but trying to teach him to read in Malay? Wrong move. I totally forgot that he’s not as flexible as Yeyen.

So I bought this.

But I got stressed with other stuffs and couldn’t find the time to teach him with this book.


12 thoughts on “My 6 Year Old Can’t Read

  1. C hazel pun belum buli baca, alphabet ok, phonics pun dia tau tu sounds but still x pndi dia baca. numbers baru2 ja dia tau which one is which one..suda sikul anak2 huh makin bnyk mau fikir ni.. c hazel sa tgu smp mid year ni kalau still x bole baca.. mau kena xtra hardwork la ni


    1. Lain sdh ba cara dorg kena ajar membaca skrg… More to gambar/sound based. N dorg terus belajar mengeja at the same time. Tapi baru bulan 4 bah ni. Kali dorg masih lagi baru belajar vocal.


      1. nta la c hazel tu … kalau words yang biasa dia dengar / ingat macam bo -la, a-yam, bu-ku tu buli la but kalau suku kata more than two dia x dpt .. dia keliru 😂😂


      2. pardon me for interrupting but as a teacher who teaches y1, dia pnya level ni mmg ikt syllabus for pre-school suda. better than most y1 yg sa deal with every single day. ok la ba ni. haha


      3. ada lagi y1 yg xpndai suku kata kvkv for BM. kalo BI phonics mmg failed. kalo c Hazel kira ok sd ni. senyum. ja cigu dia nt kalo naik y1.


    1. Banyaaaaaak btl budak skrg yg lambat cakap oh. Even laoshi c reza pun kan x hairan sama condition dia masa yg dia 4 yo dulu. What happened ah? Dulu2 jgn ko dgr masalah budak lmbat bercakap


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