How My Kids Spent Their School Break

Well ——–

Tuition (by yours truly), short trip to bookshop, sketching drawing coloring, take turn watching youtube and tuition again.

Poor kids.

But what can we do. Husband is (still) overwhelmed with his job. He barely rested himself. How could I demanded this and that from him.

Especially now his father is recovering from his illness. Bad one. ICU, dialysis and bedsore.

On top that, my mum is also not in a good condition. She’s currently undergoing an alternative treatment to cure her damaged nerve.

It was so bad that she couldn’t walk or even feel a thing from her waist down. Thankfully that after a couple of months, she’s started to show alot of positive improvement. She’s still can’t walk but already able to move her limbs.

This morning, she texted me that she’s already able to feel her skin.

Back to my own life. I’m currently selling affordable kids clothing to earn some extra money. I didn’t actually earn much from this but I’ve learnt a thing or two qwhich I kniw can be helpful in the future.

P/S I hope to write about my kids’ home tuition in my next entry.



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