It feels like time moves really fast this lately. 

Next thing I knew, it’s already Raya.

Then after several repetitive routines, it’s already mid July.

Plus Reza already entering the addition chapter (😵). 

Talking about him, thank god that although he’s a bit slow with alphabets and reading, he’s actually quite fast with numbers and counting.

I no longer need to spoon feed my kids cos now they can eat by themselves and since they’re very competitive with each other, it’s pretty easy to get them to do something (well, didn’t work all the time).

If it’s not too much to say, I think I can legally feel proud of myself. Raising your own kids is tough, man. 

And looking at them two now, all the sleepless nights, my aching back, the weight gain, the mess that I have to clean up over and over again, they don’t seem important anymore. 

I think every mom out there should feel proud of themselves too. There millions ways of child upbringing and every single one of them is perfect. I’ve stopped comparing myself with other moms. I’ve long stopped secretly judging other moms. 

It works! 


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