Haven’t share anything for god knows how long. Got caught up with my daily resposibility and what not. 

Well, I think I can sum it up in a single word.


The kids are growing up so fast that I barely remembered how it felt like carrying Reza around when he was a baby.


I’m pretty amaze with his ability to draw things. He can draw the longest train his drawing paper could have, insects and an old palace with him as a king, not to forget an ice cream vendor at the gate.

It is definitely a bliss to me because whenever he started drawing….the house will be quiet for at least two good hours. 

Anyway, he tickled me with his attitude recently. He fell down at Perdana Park and scratched his knee. A very small abbrasion. He got panic, cried and asked me to bring him to see doctor. 


Being exceptional as always, she potty trained herself! I only showed her how to do it for few times and she did the rest by herself like a champion. 

In less than a week, she’s completely diaper free during the day, even for an outing. #onetaskdone

She can draw few things as well; apple, sun and ocean, people and this circle thing with a stick (look like a lollipop but I don’t know what it is actually). 

She can feed herself too and no more cooking porridge for her! Yay!

But then….all those wonderful things you read….don’t be deceived. 

  • Clearing up their mess from the drawing activity is a mundane and tiring task.
  • They fight over everything.
  • They berrated each other, all the time. 
  • Reza has started to disobey me.
  • Yeyen wants to pee like 1947 times a day – inside the pee pot.
  • I either have to shout all the time to get them out the bathroom or be inside to bath them. – I left them there for 10 minutes and their bodies still dry.
  • The list is just endless.


I successfully shed 1.5kg. Not much but still okay I think. But then….the prime news is….I’ll be published. My book will be published! By this September.

I couldn’t wait to see my book at the bookshelf in Times or Popular! 

It would be a dream come true. 

A fulfilled ambition.

Hope everything goes well.


2 thoughts on “UPDATES

  1. c luke suka makan sendiri.. n mmg akan messy la.. tahan saja saya. n when you mentioned about weight, im gained but dont know how much la..hihi. buruyut lunok smua ada ..


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