Unfortunate or Damn Careless?

What the fuck? I just accidentally deleted my photo album in my phone. 550 pictures. 

Can I retrieve them back? 


11 thoughts on “Unfortunate or Damn Careless?

  1. Nope. Cannot. Sadly to say coz it happened to me after delivering my 1st baby. All Bel’s photos were deleted including the ones that she was only few minutes old, on my chest 😞😞


    1. Boleh juga retrieve. Just did it just now. I use this apps diskdigger.. tapi semua segala bapa gmbar lama2 dia pigi retrieve juga. Ok lah.. so now i have over 6k photos yg mau sort out n delete mana yg x kaitan. 😂😂😂😂

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      1. Not sure pula.. tapi bayangkan sy retrieve 6k plus photos. Semua photo yg org post2 d moment wechat pun sy dpt. Can choose juga la tapi sy retrieve habis nnti ada masa pelan2 delete.


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