Things I Do When I’m Not Writing

I’m currently enjoying the moment because, I’m going to start writing a new manuscript next week.

My mentor, a bestseller author Gina Yap has assured me last week that my work is quite good already and she even refused to be my mentor anymore.

We’re still friends anyway. 

So, I think that it’s a good move to not to waste anymore time and move on into another project while waiting reply from Fixi.


When I was in my writing mode, I actually had voices inside my head. And I can’t afford to lose the voice. I won’t even layan anyone who was talking to me at that time because once again, I don’t want the damn voices to disappear.

That’s why I have to completely focus on the project or else here come writer’s block!

I don’t know why I tell you that but, when I’m not writing, here’s what I do…..


I ended up giving away 4 bundles of old clothes and throwing almost half of the children’s toys (broken and have become more to weapons than toys). 

I cleaned up the frigde, literally scrubbed the bathroom walls, mopped the kitchen floor 30 times a day and what not. 

Luckily our 2-bedrooms house is so small that I can clean it up 20 times a day without feeling stressful or tired.

I also have made several trips to Kaison and Supersave to buy fake flowers, a couple of small grass carpets, aromatheraphy oil to spice up the bedroom, a tin poster, new bowls and everything else to re decorate the house. 

Love that the kids are appreciating their mom’s efforts to make the house homey and only few times I caught them tried to rearrange the decos. 

Yes. Exactly like that. That’s Yeyen hand trying to snatch the tin poster.

This little arrangement above might look tacky and tidak seberapa but it actually gives me some peace of mind when I look at it. Plus, I’m quite new in the field of interior decorating so, pardon me for my tackiness.

My next plan is to make our backyard to look liveable but I’m afraid of giuk and cacing, remember?

So, gonna put it on hold until I’m high enough to go what the hell, then just freaking do it.


My definition of lazy day is lying down on the floor, watching TV all day and eat whatever food we have in the kitchen.

So, this was what I’m trying to do today.

Until this happened.

Which led to this. 

No lazy day for mommy I guess.

I’m lying on the bed typing this while listening to Joox, with Yeyen squeezing herself between my legs and Reza shouting to tell me that he is having his number 2 and insists to doing it on the potty pot although God forgives me but he actually knows how to use a toilet already.

Yuuuup. Confirmed already. No lazy day today.

EXPANDING MY CULINARY KNOWLEDGE (because I don’t have the skills)

Surprise surprise. I have this mint plant in my kitchen. I’ve been using it in my cooking, which turned me into a skillful cook overnight. 

This helps a lot too. 

I know too well that I’m a pitiful cook so that’s why I’m trying to do better by learning how to use herbs in my cooking. 

Hopefully this new knowledge will assist me to still serve 5 stars rated dinner to the family when I start writing again next week. 

I even cooked an individual dinner for Reza last night. Before this, we always ended up buying his food outside because he’s picky eater like nobody’s business.


6 thoughts on “Things I Do When I’m Not Writing

  1. siok bh kalau decorating ni but hihi kalau ada kids my deco2 smua terpksa pack balik.hihi.. tinggal la brg basic saja ni d living room. … sa pun suka tu pakai herbs kalau masak2


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