Still Successfully Struggling


I don’t have a specific cheat day or menu discipline. I’ve read so many articles about diets, weight loss plans and oh whatsoever else that I conclude that most of the stuffs we see in social media are more to vanity thing than real diet, or in our language, mintapuji saja diorang tu.

I try to eat as clean as I can. I only drink water and 3 cups or 2 of nescafe with small amount of sugar. I don’t do juicing, or detoxing. Plain water is it. I have this tall pink cup that follows me around the house. And I always have plain water inside it.

Yes, invest in a pretty cup or water bottle and you’ll see the difference.

I hit my yoga mat every single night. I do weightlifting, cardio, sometimes yoga, sit ups, crunches and squats. But I don’t push my limit. I just stop if I can’t take it anymore. I won’t plague my mind with this hard, I cant do this

Yet yesterday, I managed to do the 30 seconds power sprint for 5 times until I thought my heart was going to break.

So I think I’m doing good so far.

I don’t do crazy diet like choosing only gluten free, organic, made in USA food products. I don’t do Atkins, Paleo, skinny bitch diet or whatever anym

ore. I’m sick of program like that.
If I feel like eating greasy food, I don’t care shit and have it for breakfast. But I’ll do extra miles in drinking water and working out later that night.

If I crave for Mi Sedap, I won’t refrain myself from having Mi Sedap. In fact, I just ate 2 packets of them (photo) prior typing this. But I only use 1 of the 2 packets of seasoning and will not have anything heavy for dinner. 


11 thoughts on “Still Successfully Struggling

  1. alis kalau sa makan pun main hantam ja.. hihi skg lg pms mmg tu craving kan bikin meleleh bihis.. i try to limit my 3 in 1 nes or teh c once a day saja.. kalau masak pn sa mmg jarang pki minyak bnyk..cukup tuk kasi tumis bawang still perut saya bidaaaaa timbul hahah


  2. Atleast ko ada exercise! Best!! Hahaha i carry around water bottle ah yg d isi mayb 3x aday but lain lagi p dapur minum la and i think i drink enough water these days coz balik2 mau p tandas πŸ˜…

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