2017’s Wishlist


If my manuscript will be finally accepted and published, I freaking want to buy this (or a similar one) before everything else. 

Ring like this is approximately priced at RM600++ but not more than RM800 depending on the weight and your ability to negotiate with the sales person.

Good thing is, as I’m objectifying my wish to purchase a little costly thing like this ring, it helps to curb my excess spending and impulsive buying. 

I hope I could hold onto this plan (to buy only after my work accepted) and didn’t go haywire beforehand. 


Not the easiest thing to do especially when you have two kids, but even right now, I’m still working hard towards it, by trying to think about food.

I know I’m in a good track at least, because my skin condition has improved, I can do 50 to 60 sit ups in one go (2 or 3 reps of course) and my tummy is perhaps getting half inch smaller?

Luckily the kids are grown enough to understand that they can’t disturb me while I’m working out (they still do occasionally). 

It’s much easier to perform my home exercises compared to one, two years ago. So, no more excuses, just no more lame excuses.

This was the peak of my most unhealtiest, fattest self. I hate my face. I hate everything about myself here. 

I used to hide behind my bright colored lipstick so that people would notice my lips instead my fat body. 

I hope I won’t have to do that anymore, by the end of this year.

And eternally.


I took so many nice photos but all ended up stored in my laptop. 


So this year, I’m going to sort them out, choose the best photos, delete the other 799 takes (same photos) and get some of them printed out.

Our only photo album now is the bunch of photos my our wedding day. And yes, Reza’s passport pic and this one photo of our family outing some two and half years ago.

I printed that out as required by Reza’s laoshi. 


2 thoughts on “2017’s Wishlist

    1. Tidaklah design sendiri.. mahal. Iya for 5 years time mmg ada untung. Dulu in 2011, sy pernah beli cincin harga 115, awal tahun ni i trade in for140. Kira oklah.. boleh mintapuji lagi.. 😂😂😂


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