Mom’s Secrets


Well, sometimes, I don’t know what to do when my kids did something that is waaaay out of my expectation as a parent. 

Can you believe that I sometimes stood there, motionlessly, almost like a zombie, observing them doing their stuffs instead of trying to stop them? 

Even when I really should?

I feel that, I’m just like them (the children). I’m learning new things every second I spend with them. 

So, I believe I stood there to process the whole incident that I have just witnessed. 

And then digested the fact that oh my God, my kids did that


When Reza and Yeyen engaged in a cat fight, there was a moment where I just couldn’t do anything to stop them. 

I was just too fascinated to see how fast Yeyen’s movement as she attacked her brother. Then how she ran away from him oh so swiftly after that.

Sometimes it happened too fast for me to quickly break the fight in the right time.

They fight averagely 5 times a day, or maybe even more. I’ve lost my counts.

Therefore, of course there’ll be a moment where I was too busy, or maybe just too lazy, to lift a finger, or raise my voice to them.

The fight will break by its own once either one of them cried or got hurt. 

I found that their fighting activity is not a big deal. Siblings fight all the time. It’s conpletely normal.

Is it okay for me to think so?

Or am I just too busy, or lazy to think about it?


Okay,  I’ll let you to jugde me all you want with this one. 

One day, when I caught Reza picking his nose then ate the whatever it is he had on the tip of his finger, I just couldn’t bring myself to stop him in the middle of his action.

So, I waited until he finished (for that round) and when he tried to do it again, I then stepped in and did all the motherly things. 

There was even an incident where I cleaned up Yeyen’s nose and he saw the booger and wanted to eat it. 

He even opened his mouth when I showed it to him. 

I’ll pass it as being a playful mother. I don’t I’m gross enough to actually let him to eat it. 

But I believe at least 99% of human being has tasted their own booger. It’s part of growing up. Just like how we know our earwax tasted bitter!


3 thoughts on “Mom’s Secrets

  1. Hahahahahah!! If me rasa lucu pula when hayden started to annoyed his sister pastu chasing around and dania start to complain about it… but harap lain kali x sampai begaduh nangis2 la,cuma now pandai juga nangis IF hayden x kena bagi ipad oleh sister dia or dania kena pukul oleh hayden πŸ˜…


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