What 2017 Has Brought To Me So Far


Yup, I finally bought myself a cheap yoga mat and dumbbells weighted 2kgs each. 

I have been trying to maintain my nightly home work out sessions and I think I would give myself 5 out of 10 for the effort and progress so far. 

My pallate and tummy are getting used with the taste of ‘healthy food’ too. The portion control is good but now I’m training myself to drink a lot of water because my daily intake is around 1 liter?

Not bad but I could have done better. 


Strangely, this has been my obsession lately, collecting tiny but sturdy pieces of jewelleries.

My preferance is either 916 gold or 925 sterling silver because white gold or platinum is ridiculously expensive. 

I have already passed few of my rings to my mom because I can’t wear them all in 1 go, right? My next purchase is a silver bracelet for her.


In my whole life, I have written 5 completed manuscripts

If Love Could Sing – I forgot that I had actually written this one yet I always tell people I hate writing romance. But nevermind because this was written when I was still a very young and innocent woman.

I might destroy this one in the future.

Into The World Of Hermonia, now called Through The Banyan Tree – This is my masterpiece, my baby, my everything, my sweat and blood. I know too well that if I had this published, my life will change upside down. But I’m going to hold this until I’m really ready inside out. 

Walking On The String Of Hopes – A memoir. Basically, it’s my biography focusing on my life during the primary school. Will get this published once I got famous (haha, ok perasan). I still cried whenever I read this. Especially when now my father had passed. 

I Am Dusun/Eight Woman Of My Life – This one is crazy. A historical fiction inspired by my great grandfather who had 8 wives (polygamus) and very infamous for being mean, vile, loathed and cruel. 

Maybe I was high on drug when I wrote this. But, no, I was sober and even visited the museum while I was writing this one.

Tebus – My first attempt to write a novel in Malay. And I hope to finally get a breakthrough through this one. 

My next project is the post apocalypse diary, you can read it from my Wattpad. It’s a story that I have always wanted to write, other than children’s adventure (which I have fulfilled in Tebus). 

My future writing plan is to write any story with the protagonist and his father are the small built men. 5′, 5’1″ in height capable of doing whatever other men in bigger size could do.  


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