What’s Up??

Reza and Yeyen have entered into the advanced phase of fightings – hitting each other with toys – punches on each other’s heads – and screaming. 

Breaking their fights is one of my daily chores now, apart from engaging them in siblinghood bonding activity (coloring). 

Motherhood is definitely tiring but extraordinarily satisfying. 


This was quite an experience to us. Somehow, I forgot to pack their milk back after spending the whole day at in law’s house. It was almost 10 pm when I finally realize that their milk pwoder was still at their grandparents’ house.

Shop nearby was already closed so husband and I decided to deliberately asking the kids to play until they’re sleepy, I mean, too sleepy to even remember about their nenen.

Reza was the first to ask for nenen. I told him the truth and after 10 minutes of coaxing, he fell asleep by his own. 

Yeyen on the other hand seemed to understand that there was no nenen for them that night! After few rounds of lullabies, she was already fast asleep. 

I don’t know either it was luck or what, but the children didn’t even asked for nenen until we eventually reached at the in law’s house again the next morning. 



It was unplanned. We went out for breakfast and husband drove us to Tanjung Aru Beach 1 to let the children play in an infinity space. 

Everything went well at the beginning. Running here and there under the bright morning sunlight. Their steps were all over the vast green rug, with the color of Yeyen’s new dress made all her photos turned out to be pretty nice.

So cute, right? This is my new favorite photo of them two.

Until this happened.

Yes. The fight began.


It went on and on.

Until Reza gave up. 

See what I mean?? 😂😂


Good. I did laundry today and folded 1/3 of the clothes. Kids are doing fine too. And I only scolded Reza two times while guiding him with his schoolwork. 

Went out with husband after he finished working. Only two of us. We had dinner at Upperstar and headed back home to collect the kids. 

I wanted to have salmon for dinner but had to settle with sliced beef burger and a glass of iced lemon tea.

My arms look big in my every picture. While in real life, they’re not too big. Maybe a bit flabby but still fixable with proper exercise and diet.

I hate my hair. They’re just plain and boring and hideous too! And my skin? I look like dried meat, mind you. Need to consume more plain water. Did it today. Hate the frequent trip to toilet. 

Why life has to be this difficult?


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